Lynch Consultants, LLC, was founded in 2011 to become the premier consulting firm of choice for our Federal Government and commercial customers, as well as the premier employer and corporate partner of choice for our employees and business partners.Our tagline, Expertise. Reliability. Results. is not just words, rather it captures the identity of the Company, our staff, and our daily decisions.  We work very hard to provide every client with unparalleled industry and business Expertise; a responsiveness and Reliability that gives our clients and partners confidence and value from our work; and a central focus and emphasis on interim and long-term performance Results, spanning the engagement kick-off through to the final exit briefing.  Along with our leadership vision and employee commitment toward excellence and continuous improvement, these three words - Expertise. Reliability. Results. serve as the cornerstones to the Lynch Consultants business framework and foundation.

Our logo, the shield of blue in our brand, is a modern evolution of the Lynch brighter blue and gold coat of arms. The story of the original blue and gold shield, and ours today, embodies the goals, standards, and commitment of our entire corporate team to our clients and our community.  Blue: Truth and Loyalty; Gold: Generosity and Elevation of the Mind; Chevron: Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service; Lynx: Liberty, Vigilance, Forecast, Courage, Power of Vision; Trefoils: Perpetuity.

As we evolve and expand over the coming years, we will remain well-grounded in these ideas and concepts, serving our clients, employees, business partners, and our families/communities.


Patrick Lynch

CEO and Managing Partner

Patrick Lynch founded Lynch Consultants, LLC, in February 2011 with the vision to become the premier consulting firm in the Washington, DC area.  His core missions are to 1) develop deep relationships with our Federal and Industry Partners; and 2) attract, develop, and retain our outstanding team members.

Patrick has 20+ years of Federal and Consulting experience.  He has been a key leader building consulting firms, planning and directing mission-critical engagements, and developing high-impact leadership teams.

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Thomas Hunt


Thomas Hunt is responsible for providing operational oversight and quality assurance across all service areas.  He is a management consultant with more than 22 years of experience supporting Federal and Fortune 500 clients.  Thomas specializes in financial management, program management, and business process analysis and improvement.  He has helped organizations with complex business environments create, enhance, and present information to identify problem areas, monitor performance, and facilitate managerial oversight and decision making processes.

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Emerson Gardner

Senior Partner

Lieutenant General Emerson N. Gardner, USMC, (ret.) is a recognized expert on the Department of Defense programming and budgeting process and assists defense and non-defense companies in strategy development as an independent consultant.

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Jon T. Rymer


Jon T. Rymer is a Director at Lynch Consultants and is responsible for the firm’s federal civilian agencies consulting practice. Mr. Rymer joined Lynch Consultants in August 2016. Prior to joining Lynch, Mr. Rymer was nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Defense. Mr. Rymer led a staff of over 1500 employees whose mission is to reduce waste fraud and abuse in the programs and operations of the Department of Defense. He served in this position until January 2016. Mr. Rymer was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service by the Secretary of Defense upon completion of his tenure at DoD. Before joining DOD, Mr. Rymer was nominated by President Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as the Inspector General for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. He served in this position from July 2006 to September 2013. Concurrent with his service at FDIC, Mr. Rymer served as the Interim Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission from May 31, 2012, until January 31, 2013.

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Michael Wochomurka


Mr. Michael Wochomurka joined Lynch Consultants in 2012 with a Civilian Agency and Healthcare focus. Mr. Wochomurka serves as the Principal of our Civilian Practice, with a specific emphasis on Information Technology governance and oversight, strategic program implementation, and financial process improvement. He actively develops purposeful, trusting, and essential client relationships, strategic partnerships with select corporate firms, and lasting mentorship of Lynch associates.

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Angela Acheampong

Director, Financial Services

Angie Acheampong joined Lynch Consultants in 2012 as a Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) and former auditor with extensive experience in financial and compliance audits, as well as program and financial management across the Department of Defense and civilian agencies. She has managed complex engagements at DLA, Marine Corps, Navy Reserves Forces Command (CNRFC) and the Department of Navy (DON) Financial Improvement Program (FIP).

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Michael Sears

Director, Federal Services

Michael Sears, a former Assistant Inspector General (Senior Executive) at the U.S. Department of Commerce, joined Lynch Consultants to help sustain the firm’s commitment to providing the highest level of service to its Federal clients. Since retiring from Commerce in 2004, Michael has successfully worked with both civilian and defense agencies to improve their financial management, internal controls, compliance with laws and regulations, and operational efficiency.

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