We are seeking outstanding candidates who are seeking a long-term career opportunity to help build and establish Lynch Consultants as the premier consulting firm. We utilize two broad career paths to provide outstanding support to our Federal and Industry Partners, and to grow and develop our team for long-term success. As a small, highly selective firm, our team members are bright, sharp, professionals quickly able to learn and master many skills. Our team members are also subject matter experts in selected fields. We are looking for excellent team members to join us at all levels of experience: Junior, Mid-Career, and High-Level.

Your Background:

Former Military

  • Enlisted Personnel
  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officers
  • Junior Military Officers
  • Warrant Officers
  • Field Grade Officers

Career Consultants

  • “Big 4″
  • Associates
  • Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Directors

    Civilian Government

    • GS 7-9
    • Mid Grade GS 11-13
    • Department Intern Program
    • Presidential Interns
    • High Grade GS 14-15

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